We like to keep it local.

Through our Buyback program, we get many of our used books directly from our students – and pay them, not a company. But it’s not just us – we pass your used books on to other universities across Canada, so everyone can save on their education.

If you’ve learned everything you can from your textbooks, sell them!

To reduce contact between customers (and spare you a trip), please check whether we're buying your title using our real-time Buyback estimator before visiting campus.

Buyback Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
10 am - 4pm

Where is Buyback located?

Buyback runs out of the passthrough at the entrance to the bookstore, where we also process returns.

How does it work?

First, check online with our real-time Buyback estimator to make sure we’re buying your books and see how much we’re buying them for. Then bring them to the front counter at the entrance to the bookstore during Buyback hours along with a piece of photo ID and a debit or credit card. We’ll pass your book along to other students as a used book once you’ve sold it.

What do I need to bring?

AdA piece of photo ID and a debit or credit card – Buyback is cashless!

Do you buy back every book?

We only buy titles that can be re-used as textbooks at the University of Calgary or another Canadian university. This means it’s more likely that we’ll be able to purchase textbooks that are commonly used year after year, like your introductory chemistry text or English classic.

We do not accept binder ready versions for re-use, as there is no way for us to confirm that every page is still in the bundle.

Since someone will re-use your book after you, we only accept books in good used condition for Buyback. What qualifies as good used condition will be determined by the sole discretion of the University of Calgary Bookstore. Here are some general guidelines for what we consider good used condition. This list is not comprehensive, nor binding.

  • The spine is intact
  • No pages are missing, including the cover
  • The book remains fully legible, with minimal to moderate tears, bends, creases, or water damage
  • Highlighting, doodles or notes remain moderate and do not affect legibility of the text

How can I check which titles I can sell, or how much I can sell them for?

Using our real time Buyback estimator, you can see which titles we’re buying and how much we’re buying them for

How much can I get for my book?

Depending on which university needs a title, different prices are offered. If the University of Calgary Bookstore can use it, we offer up to 50% of the current new book price. If it’s being used on another campus, you’ll get up to 30% of the current new book price. Sometimes we can buy your books for used book wholesalers, and what they pay for books varies widely.

If you want to check the cost in real time, use our real time Buyback estimator.

Why aren’t you buying a certain title anymore?

Once we have enough books to meet demand for the University of Calgary Bookstore as well as partnered universities across Canada, we no longer purchase that title. Similarly, if a new edition is now being used, or that course is no longer being offered, we won’t need used copies of it going forward.